Further Reading

In addition to the student reading list, the study of the following texts should offer more information both on the subject of A∴A∴ itself and the Great Work in its broader context, and would make the basis of a library.


  • Gems From the Equinox. Compiled by Israel Regardie. A compilation of some of the more important texts from the Equinox.

  • The Tree of Life. Israel Regardie. A treatise on ceremonial magic.

  • The Golden Dawn. Israel Regardie. A useful discussion of the system the preceded the A∴A∴ system of magic.

  • The Mystical and Magical System of A∴A∴. James A Eshelman. A comprehensive look at the A∴A∴ system of magick as taught in the Soror Estai lineage.

  • Living Thelema. Dr. David Shoemaker. A pragmatic, psychology tinged look at the process of initiation. 

  • Magick: Liber ABA. Aleister Crowley. THE Textbook on Magick and Thelema. A must read for all magicians.

  • Liber Al vel Legis. The Book of the Law, the foundation text of Thelema.(Pre-2014 editions have not been altered, Caveat Emptor).

  • The Holy Books of Thelema. The Class A documents of the A∴A∴. Essential reading for aspirants.(Caveat Emptor as per Liber Al).

  • Prometheus Rising. Robert Anton Wilson. An insightful look at the process of initiation and spiritual transformation by a master.

  • Principia Discordia. A not-so-serious look at religion and religious groups. Essential reading for sanity maintenance.

  • The Magick of Aleister Crowley: A handbook of the rituals of Thelema. Lon Milo DuQuette. An extremely useful compendium of ceremonial and theory for the beginner.

  • The Hero with A Thousand Faces. Joseph Campbell. The Classic of comparative mythology. Guarenteed to be useful for aspirants of all grades and none.

  • The Equinox volume 5 no 5, Sex and religion: https://archive.org/details/TheEquinoxVol5No4SexAndReligion