The A.'.A.'. in Albion derives its linage from 666 via two lines of descent as follows:



The names of living initiates are never revealed, those of dead initiates can be found via an internet search. Any further information on these lines, and how they came about will be given freely to interested students.

Other lines known to us can be found at the following addresses, although we will not comment publicly on their claims: , probably derived from Ray Eales. Students of Marcello Motta, currently run by Daniel Gunther, operates worldwide and closely associated with the OTO. Unknown affiliations. U.S. based. a lineage run by students of Soror Meral headed by David Shoemaker, operates from the U.S. students of Soror Meral headed by Jim Eshelman, exclusively U.S. based. lineage run by Jerry Cornelius, derived from Grady McMurtry. A lineage overseen by Frater Orpheus, descended from Grady McMurty's line.

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