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The Ordo A∴A∴ in Albion professes the above lineage:

Since the death of Frater Saturnus there has been ruling triad governing the whole of the A∴A∴, although some have tried and failed to assume such a role. The A∴A∴ has proved greater than any one individual or group, and has grown organically according to its nature. The teacher to student method of the transmission has meant the Order has naturally divided into lines of descent, which today we refer to as lineages. Thus it can be difficult to discern the origin and veracity of any given link, and in many cases it may prove impossible, so we have opted to be semi-public regarding lineage, although we never divulge the names of living members to the public. Regarding authenticity, we opt to follow the lead of Fr O.M. in this matter:

“The Brothers of the A∴A∴ refuse none. They have no objection to anyone claiming to be of themselves. If he does so, let him abide by it”. Liber LXXI III:24

We recognise that the Order is One, and that there is One Eye in the Triangle: the Light of the World, V.V.V.V.V. We also maintain that since Frater O.M. made the teachings of the A∴A∴ public, any given individual or group may forge a functional link with the Supernal Order; the A∴A∴ proper, exactly as we done by Crowley and Jones over 100 years ago. Let success be their proof.

A number of lineages have made themselves known to us, and such can be found at the addresses listed below. We encourage aspirants to examine closely each claimant group, send an email or write a letter, find out who managing each line and their history, in order to satisfy yourself as to the validity of the claim as well as the type of people you will likely be working under should you sign on to a given group. Should any group or Initiate wish to be added to this list, they may contact us with their details and we would be pleased to oblige.

______________________________________________________________________ A lineage overseen by Frater Orpheus, descended from Grady McMurty's line. Fraternitatis A.'.A.'. (Alostrael Lineage): A lineage founded in 2007 by Fratres Aleisterion 777 and ABA 121. , probably derived from Ray Eales. run by ex-students of Marcello Motta, closely associated with the OTO. Unknown affiliations. U.S. based. a lineage run by students of Soror Meral headed by David Shoemaker, operates from the U.S. students of Soror Meral headed by Jim Eshelman, exclusively U.S. based. lineage run by Jerry Cornelius, derived from Grady McMurtry.



Blogs and other links: A blog by Frater 273, of the lineage of Frater Orpheus. Contains blogs and notes on a range of topics related to the Great Work 

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