The A.'.A.'. in Albion derives its linage from 666 via two lines of descent as follows:

TO MEGA THERION>A.M.A.G.>M.E.L.>INB.'.>Z.'.>M.'.>A78.'.

TO MEGA THERION>Estai>Aquarius>Capricornus>S.'.>K.'.>M.'.>A78.'.

The names of living initiates are never revealed, those of dead initiates can be found via an internet search. Any further information on these lines, and how they came about will be given freely to interested students.

Regarding other 'lineages of the A∴A∴, to override the human tendency towards division, we prefer to take the attitude advocated by Frater O.M.

“The Brothers of the A∴A∴ refuse none. They have no objection to anyone claiming to be of themselves. If he does so, let him abide by it”. Liber LXXI III:24

“As soon as exterior societies wish to transform a temple of wisdom into a political edifice, the interior society retires and leaves only the letter without the spirit”. An Account of A∴A∴

We recognise that the Order is One, and that there is One Eye in the Triangle. Nonetheless, there is a tendency towards conflict among the various branches of the Holy Order, and rather than manifesting the light of the Supernal triad, we too often see the contending heads of Thaumiel. For this reason we have determined to operate in complete independence from other lineages, but always under the gaze of the the Chief of the Order, the Light of the World himself, V.V.V.V.V.


We nonetheless extend Fraternal greetings to Brothers and Sisters of other lines of descent, and invite all to join us in the Great Work in a spirit of accord and cooperation.

Other lineages known to us can be found at the following addresses, although we do not comment publicly on their claims, each may speak for themselves. Should any group or Initiate wish to be added to this list, they may contact us with their details and we would be pleased to oblige.

______________________________________________________________________ A lineage overseen by Frater Orpheus, descended from Grady McMurty's line. Fraternitatis A.'.A.'. (Alostrael Lineage): A lineage founded in 2007 by Fratres Aleisterion 777 and ABA 121. , probably derived from Ray Eales. Students of Marcello Motta, currently run by Daniel Gunther, operates worldwide and closely associated with the OTO. Unknown affiliations. U.S. based. a lineage run by students of Soror Meral headed by David Shoemaker, operates from the U.S. students of Soror Meral headed by Jim Eshelman, exclusively U.S. based. lineage run by Jerry Cornelius, derived from Grady McMurtry.



Blogs and other links:, the blog of Frater Pertinax of this lineage. Thoughts and experiences of the path of initiation A blog by Frater 273, of the lineage of Frater Orpheus. Contains blogs and notes on a range of topics related to the Great Work 

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