A Note for Students


Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.


It is a fact of life that many are not suited to the formal curriculum and structure of the A∴A∴. Potential students often come to us ready to demonstrate that they are fitted for initiation. We then, as we are oath bound to do, ensure that they are duly tried and tested. The initial test, the student exam, is a picture of simplicity, we ask that the student acquire and read certain texts, and when they feel they are ready, to apply for examination. We have found that most applicants withdraw at this point and we never hear from them again. This is perfectly ok, there is a natural winnowing process that starts here and carries on through the early grades.

Potential students should know that we maintain strict adherence to the rules for studentship and the conditions surrounding the admittance of Probationers. One important aspect of the student grade is that passing it gives the student the right to be proven. If he cannot get that far then the real ordeals are still ‘lone and far’ for the time being. Another point to consider is that the exam is not a matter of pass/fail, but is there to gauge the students current understanding and their willingness to do the work. Nobody is expected to know it all before they even start, but a good grounding in the language of the Order is necessary and expected.


Those students that persevere and complete the examination, demonstrate a certain amount of sincerity and may be invited to take the oath of a Probationer. It is here that the challenges really begin. At this point we really get to know the student, their quirks of personality and other tendencies. At this stage any points of potential friction may emerge, it is best to consider these as rough spots requiring work if the individual intends to work under a supervisor, so they should be considered points of potential growth rather than flaws or irreconcilable differences. When polishing steel it is the rough spots that first stand out to the polisher. 


Aspirants are reminded that the student has only one task: to study the reading list. Probationers must keep a journal but may do any practices they see fit in addition to their formal tasks, and no more than this will be asked of them. Neophytes are held to higher standards still and their work is both more complex and demanding, as is fitting for those who may be asked to take on Probationers and carry the Order to the next generation. Leniency in matters of quality are to the detriment of the whole Order, not least the candidate him or herself. Aspirants of whatever grade are expected to know their tasks and be self-directed from the start, although each can confer with a supervisor should the need for clarity arise.

As an estimate, probably less than 1/10 students pass on to become Probationers. Of Probationers, it is closer to 1/4. Around 1/2 Neophytes advance to the grade of Zelator.

Since this page is primarily aimed at potential students, the Imperator of A∴A∴ in Albion has determined to make the conditions of studentship clear, so that there can be no doubt as to what is expected.

  1. After initial contact, the student has as much time as she likes to complete the reading, we expect nothing from her at all and will leave her to her willed task, giving a date after which she may apply for examination.

  2. When she feels that she is ready, at any time after the minimum three months, the student may apply for examination. Nor will we push any student, each must work out her own path and the conditions of life sometimes preclude formal initiation for a time. We encourage such aspirants to await patiently such time as they may be able to  procure the necessary freedom to carry out the work to their, and our satisfaction.

  3. Consultation with the Chancellor is encouraged, should any questions arise regarding the examination. However we will not initiate contact with any student.

  4. Due to the workload of the Cancellarius and the high attrition rate for candidates, we we operate on a first come, first served basis regarding assessments and assignment of probationers to neophytes. While we will not chase inactive students but pass on, such aspirants may resume studentship at any time by notifying the Chancellor and/or submitting a completed examination.

  5. Since the student grade is unofficial, membership at this grade does not prohibit the individual from applying to other lineages of the A∴A∴, the student is free of all obligation may do as she chooses.

Love is the law, love under will.

V.H. Fr M 6=5


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