OP et RC

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

A∴A∴ in Anglia was founded on the return to the UK of its senior initiate, Frater INB, who obtained his initiations in the US between 2000 and 2002. He was the student of Frater M.E.L, who worked in the L.A. area where he was linked to a group called The Order of the Morning Star, most likely an offshoot of the Stella Matutina, in which a number of individuals had previously worked privately with Israel Regardie as his students in the A∴A∴. After INB's return the Order continued to operate and initiate for the next decade and a half.


In 2016 the A∴A∴ in Anglia underwent a period of isolation and near disintegration due to the voluntary withdrawal of one of the ruling Adepti, weakening original linkage. This limbo state carried on for over a year, but in 2017 the Outer College was formally aligned to Star System (S.S.), reestablishing the link to the original OrderAround this time the Outer Order was renamed A∴A∴ in Albion, and to formalise the link an Inner order the OP∴ et RC, was formed on the basis of mutual recognition by the Adepti of the two lineages, this after a protracted period of investigation to determine the viability of grafting such a shoot onto a mature root stock.

The Order exists primarily for the magical link it represents and has no special requirements for membership. It's officers form a governing triad consisting of Adepti from both the Star System and A∴A∴ in Albion. Aspirants of the grade of Adeptus Minor obtain a magickal link to the O∴P∴ et R∴C∴ and thus form part of the Sirius lineage: a continuous chain of initiates from the founders of the A∴A∴ to the present generation. The A∴A∴ in Albion is therefore a 'dual lineage' Outer Order.

The A∴A∴ in Albion derives its linage from 666 via two lines of descent as follows:

A∴A∴ in Anglia (Sirius Division): TO MEGA THERION>A.M.A.G.>M.E.L.>INB>Z>M>A78

O∴P∴ et R∴C∴: TO MEGA THERION>Estai>Aquarius>Capricornus>CR>K.'.>M>A78

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For the book THELEMA, which contains the Publications of the A.'.A.'. in Class A, see : 


Love is the law, love under will.

V.H. Frater M, Imperator, A.’.A.’. in Albion.

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